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An Interesting Crime Deterrent

A recording of a vicious German Shepherd in attack mode begins to play, scaring away a would-be intruder.  If the intruder continues to approach the house, the barking will get louder and more frequent.  Unit can be set to chime or alarm instead of dog bark.  It is powered with a 12 volt wall adapter (included), but you can also use eight AA batteries (not included) for areas without an outlet.  This alarm is very effective for home, office, factory or any place that needs the constant security of a guard dog.  It comes with a wireless remote control to allow you to arm / disarm the unit from a distance as well as sound a panic alarm in case of an emergency.  It has adjustable volume and detection range (up to 21 feet).  It measures: 7" x 6" x 4 1/2".  Please note that it will work on almost any type of wall (wood, cement, brick, stucco, etc.) but will not work on metal walls or walls with metal studs.

Comment:  I was a bit skeptical of this until I tested it.  It is VERY realistic.      jp

Comment:  If you're using this as a crime deterrent you might want to enhance the effect by placing a large dog water bowl outside your front door.        jp



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