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Be Secure at Home and on the Street

A 90 minute security presentation         cost: $39 

Security at Home Security While  Traveling  Security on the Street

  One thing about home security systems sales people don't want you to know

  Securing your doors and windows against forced entry

  Anyone can buy a key to your  house for $29

  How to be alerted if someone enters your home when you're away

  A do-it-yourself security system for less than $100 

... and more

   A trick taught to body guards that can save you if attacked in traffic

  Tips for staying safe in elevators

  A small item for your car and home that can save your life

  Four must have items for your car

  Which hotel rooms are the safest from crime
... and more

  One word that can save your life if attacked on the street

  Leroy Jethro Gibb's
Rule Number Nine

  Don't get in the car!

  Color code of awareness

  Improvised street weapons ... and more


 Legal Non-lethal Weapons

         Pepper Spray

  What type to buy and what to avoid

  Tactics:  How to use it effectively

  Multiple attackers


      Stun Guns  /  Tasers

  What's the difference?

  Pros and Cons of each


 Your Speaker:                      
     Jeff Powers

> President, Potomac Ltd. LLC
> Former Green Beret
> NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
> Brinks Certified Firearms Instructor
> Former Video Surveillance Specialist for ADT
> Former Security Consultant for Rollins Protective Service
> Certified Trainer for national Refuse To Be A Victim course

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