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This Item Alone Can Double  the Effectiveness of Any System

Home Uses

Home Security:  Perfect in combination with home security system.  View your home from your smart phone or remote computer.

Pets / Animals:  What  is your dog or cat doing when your away?

Elderly and Less Able People:  Unobtrusively check in from anywhere, anytime.  Live two way audio.  Telecare offers peace of mind.

Babies and Toddlers:  Keep an eye on little ones from anywhere in the world.

Commercial Uses

Retail:  Retail surveillance using off site video monitoring.  Deter crime, reduce losses, keep an eye on employees remotely.  Create a safer environment.

Restaurants / Bars:  Provide a secure environment.  Monitor staffing needs and stock requirements remotely.  Loss prevention, theft and vandalism deterrence.

Comment:  This is one of the best additions you can make to a security system.  If you already have a monitored security system installed, this will allow you to confirm the presence of an intruder before police are dispatched, saving you the cost of a false alarm charge.  Also, many police districts will not dispatch without a visual confirmation.  If they do dispatch, they won't be rushing over because they know over 97% of alarms are false.  If you call the police and say you are viewing the intruder live on camera you will get an immediate response.      jp

Note:  If you have a non monitored system I would recommend adding our motion detector with auto-dialer since a phone call will probably alert you faster than an e-mail.  You can then view and hear what's happening at the camera's location.      jp



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