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Micro Alarm with Motion Sensor

Micro Alarm has a PIR motion detector, a 100 decibel personal alarm and an LED flashlight.  It's great for home, business, hotel and dorm rooms.  It can be used as a personal alarm for self defense, or set the motion detector to protect your home, apartment or in a hotel to protect your valuables when you are out of your room.  The motion detector can also be used to prevent children from wandering into dangerous areas, such as a pool.  The alarm operates on three AG-13 button batteries (included).  The dimensions are 2 5/8" x 1 1/4" x 7/8".

Comment:  While security products are always a thoughtful gift, this gizmo with a built-in motion sensor and alarm, besides being a great value, will impress anyone with an appreciation of technology.      jp

Comment:  A portable pocket security system.  Great for those who travel.  A similar item is used by security teams (body guards) for securing an area.  Lets you know if someone is coming up a stairway or entering an adjoining room.  Also handy for letting you know if a family member, guest or pet is entering an area they shouldn't.  Can also be placed in a drawer, cupboard or medicine cabinet.       jp



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